Join the CUA (Chicken Unison Army) today!

Have you heard about what humans have done to chickens?
They are doing all kinds of terrible things to our feathered friends, and unfortunately, also their children. By organizing chicken takeovers and sharing links to the CUA, you can help save our fellow chickens and children!

Chicken Unison Army commericials

A good movement needs to have commercials. These are free commericials you can (and should) use to promote us! Feel free to use this footage for any promotional content about the CUA!

Notable Chickeneers

William Cook, the creator of the Buff Orpington, a British chicken breed. Thank you, William.

Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, Satya Nadella, and many others for making the modern methods of spreading chicken commercials possible. Thank you, large number of people.

and so on..