How to get your Windows PC in the best shape possible (great for Windows 11!)

Have you ever thought about reusing your old Windows 10 or 11 device, but don't know where to start? This guide is for you!

How to get Windows in the best shape possible

The following are some tips for running on your Windows PC to optimize it without losing any of your files.

Tip one: Get info about your device

For in case you ever need a technician's help, you can download System Analysis 1.0, our diagnostic info tool. Afterwards, run it and press enter, and press enter. Give a trusted person the "diagnostics.log" file generated so that they can give it to technicians.

Free up disk space taken up by Windows without losing files or apps

To do this trick, you must open Disk Cleanup. It should look like this:
Disk Cleanup on Windows 11

If you have admin permissions, click on "Clean up system files". Then, select all of the boxes and press OK. Agree to the deletion of non-critical files you didn't create, and space will be restored.

Tip three: use CHKDSK

This one is rather simple: search for "cmd" in your Windows search bar, and then select the "Run as administrator" option. It should look similar to this:
Command Prompt on Windows 11.

Then, type the following command exactly into the terminal: chkdsk %SystemDrive% /perf /scan /f and type "y" and press enter. Then, restart your PC. It will scan for broken and corrupted files. Afterwards, it is safe to delete any "FILEXXXX.chk"-type files from your computer.

Tip four: update Windows

Search for "windows update" on your search bar and press the first thing that shows up. Then, press "Check for updates". Next, agree to any updates and press "Restart now". The update window should look similar to this:
Windows 11's update window

Tip five: force-uninstall unused programs

First, look for "IOBit Uninstaller" on your favorite search engine and install it (uncheck the extra programs and signups - trust me, you don't need them a single bit). Check any unwanted programs and press "uninstall". Confirm that you want to uninstall the programs, and wait. IOBit Uninstaller will proceed to uninstall programs. After you're done using it, force-uninstall IOBit Uninstaller using its own tools before it annoys you. IOBit Uninstaller looks like this:
IOBit Uninstaller


While Windows is great, it's even better optimized. These tips help you achieve that goal of a clean, optimized Windows without losing any important data or fresh starting it.